Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at the Beatles albums as if they were done by other artists? Here we will take a look at cover versions of the songs that made up the Beatles EP “Magical Mystery Tour”. Track listing is based on the original UK releases.

As noted in the description, this will be looking at the original UK release where Magical Mystery Tour was released as a double EP. In the US it was released as an 11 track LP (with the inclusion of some previously released singles), in the UK, the EP only had 6 songs.

Magical Mystery Tour – Yngwie Malmsteen

This version by Yngwie Malmsteen features the vocals of Jeff Scott Soto and guitarist Bob Kulick. It was originally released on an album of Beatles covers by various artists called ‘Butchering the Beatles’.

Your Mother Should Know – Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen recorded a version of ‘Your Mother Should Know’ but it is not available on YouTube; instead please find his version of ‘When I’m 64′.

I Am The Walrus – Spooky Tooth


It would have been far too easy to include the Oasis version here but I thought it would be better to go with a more random version. Spooky Tooth included their version on their album ‘The Last Puff’.

The Fool On The Hill – Shirley Bassey

Sergio Mends had a huge hit in the US with his cover version of this song but it didn’t get released in the UK. Shirley Bassey’s version did thou and reached a peak of number 48 in the UK charts in 1971.

Flying – Frank Sidebottom

Frank Sidebottom was the creation of English comedian Chris Sievey and really needs to be seen to be fully believed. Here is the characters random version of a Beatles song (with ad-libs thrown in). Odd! Alas, the video can not be embedded so you may have to search for it yourself.

Blue Jay Way – Lord Sitar


George Harrison dabbled with the Sitar on some Beatles songs and he wrote ‘Blue Jay Way’, so it should come as no surprise that ‘Lord Sitar’ would chose to cover this song. Lord Sitar covered quite a few Beatles songs over the years and this one here features ‘Blackbird’ aswell.


P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 17th of March 2010 and can be found by clicking HERE.