Here we will take a look at 20 morsels of trivia about music stars in movies. Some you will already know, some you may not. Enjoy!

  1. Lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, appeared in the 2004 movie ‘Shaun of the Dead’.
  2. Billy Ray Cyrus appeared in the 2001 movie ‘Mulholland Drive’ in the role of a pool cleaner.
  3. Music stars DMX, Ja Rule and Jimmy Cliff have all appeared in movies with Steven Seagal.
  4. Chesney Hawkes(‘I am the one and only’) launched his ‘music career’ off the back of the movie ‘Buddy’sSong’, in which, Roger Daltrey, of the Who, played his father.
  5. Music star Goldie, complete with gold teeth, appeared as Mr Bullion in the James Bond movie ‘The World Is Not Enough’.
  6. The last movie which Frank Sinatra appeared in was ‘Cannonball Run II’, it also featured music stars Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin.
  7. Music star Bruce Sprinsteen appears in a dream sequence in the movie ‘High Fidelity’.
  8. Martin Kemp, of Spandau Ballet fame, appeared alongside actress Alyssa Milano in the movie ‘Embrace of the Vampire’.
  9. The 1999 comedy movie ‘Dogma’ featured music star Alanis Morisette playing the role of God.
  10. Music star Mariah Carey released a ‘movie’ as a vanity project in 2002, called ‘Glitter’.
  11. Music star Tricky appeared in the movie ‘the Fifth Element’ as a henchman called Right Arm.
  12. Music star David Bowie has had many movie roles over the years, he has played such diverse roles as the King of Goblins, Andy Warhol, a vampire, Pontius Pilate and an alien. (Not all at the same time though!)
  13. The B-52’s appeared in the live-action movie of the Flintstones, they changed their name for the movie to the ‘BC-52’s’.
  14. Singer Cyndi Lauper appeared alongside Jeff Goldblum in the 1988 comedy ‘Vibes’.
  15. The Who movie ‘Quadrophenia’ marked the debut big screen appearance from music star Sting.
  16. John Lennon played the role of Gripweed in the 1967 movie ‘ How I Won the War’. It also featured Michael Crawford, who later became a singer of note, but was more famed for his TV role of Frank Spencer.
  17. The 1971 movie ‘200 Motels’ featured music stars such as Ringo Starr, Frank Zappa and two members of the band ‘the Turtles’.
  18. The Rutles movie ‘All You Need is Cash’, based on the Beatles, featured music stars Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and George Harrison.
  19. Female singe Toni Basil, who had a massive chart hit in 1982 with the song ‘Mickey’, appeared in the 1969 movie ‘Easy Rider, playing the part of a prostitute.
  20. Roy Orbison played the role of a Confederate soldier in the 1967 movie ‘The Fastest Guitar Alive’.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 2nd of September 2010 and can be found by clicking HERE.