Here we will take a look at 10 famous musicians children who have followed in the footsteps of their more famous parent. Some you may have been aware of before, some you may not.

Chris Stills (b. 1974)

His father is Stephen Stills from Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) and he was raised in Paris by his French mother. During the 1990’s, Chris performed in a band with Adam Cohen (who is the son of Leonard Cohen) but soon opted for a solo career. He released an album in 1998 called ‘100 Year Thing’, it didn’t really sell at all. He soon returned to France to take on the role of Julius Caesar in a rock musical version of Cleopatra.

Dweezil Zappa (b. 1969)

Frank Zappa certainly gave his children notable names, he has a daughter called Moon Unit, one called Diva, a son called Ahmet and of course one called Dweezil. Interestingly though, Dweezil Zappa is actually registered as Ian because the LA hospital he was born in refused to put such a strange name down, although he later had him officially named as Dweezil. He has spent his career split between acting and music. Since 2006 Dweezil has been touring with a tribute to his fathers music, called ‘Zappa Plays Zappa.

Jakob Dylan (b. 1969)

Jakob is the youngest son of Bob Dylan and Sara Dylan. He has had many spurts of a solo career but it is his work with the band the Wallflowers that he is most renowned for. Their 1996 album ‘Bringing Down the House’ has sold an impressive 6 million copies world-wide. Although those sales is not really comparable to the sales his father has had with his music, it is still a very impressive total.

Julian Lennon (b. 1963)

Julian Lennon is the son of the Beatles John Lennon and mother Cynthia John Lennon (John’s first wive). Julian’s first foray into the field that his father was most famous for came in the mid 1980’s. His song ‘Too Late For Goodbyes’ reached number 6 in the UK charts. No more music came out from him until the early 1990’s, single ‘Saltwater’ reached number 6 in the UK charts.

Liam Finn (b. 1983)

Liam Finn is the eldest son of Neil Finn of the band Crowded House. Liam has only released one album at this point, 2007’s ‘I’ll Be Lightning’. Musically, he collaborates with Eliza-Jane Barnes (who is the daughter of Australian rock star Jimmy Barnes). Liam Finn has toured with his fathers band ever since 2007 and is fast gaining a good reputation for his music.

Peaches Geldof (b. 1989)

Daughter of Bob Geldof, Peaches is famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) for many different things. She has modelled, been a reality TV star. She even presented a Channel 4 programme called ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Islam'; why? no-one is quite sure. Surely she isn’t a musician also I hear you ask. Well she does DJ occasionally as part of a duo called ‘Trash Pussies’. That sums it up really.

Rolan Bolan (b. 1975)

Rolan Bolan is the only son of Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones. His father of course was the lead singer of T.Rex, his mother was famed as the singer of the original version of ‘Tainted Love’. Because his mother and father were not married when he was born, his childhood was threatened with ‘virtual poverty’. David Bowie helped pay for his private education though. Rolan Bolan tours regularly with his band and is not against the idea of playing some of his fathers most famous songs.

Sean Lennon (b. 1975)

John Lennon’s second child and his only one with second wive Yoko Ono, Sean has released three albums of music. He has also recorded with Cibo Matto and Albert Hammond Jr (of the Strokes). Sean Lennon also famously appeared in the Michael Jackson film Moonwalker. In his younger days he, and future DJ/Producer Mark Ronson, were staying at Jackson’s house. The two youngsters were caught watching porn. The ‘King Of Pop’ disapproved immensely.

Teddy Thompson (b. 1976)

Eldest son of Richard and Linda Thompson, Teddy spent much of his early years in a spartan London Sufi Muslim commune. Over the years, he has performed regularly with both his mother and father but it is for his solo work that he is most renowned. 2008’s album ‘A Piece Of What You Want’ gathered much critical acclaim and deservedly so.

Ziggy Marley (b. 1968)

Ziggy Marley is the eldest son of Bob Marley and Rita Marley, his real first name is actually David. During 1988 he released a burst of singles as part of the group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. The rest of the group were made up of his siblings Cedella, Sharon and Stephen. Their biggest hit in the UK was Tomorrow People which reached number 22 in the charts. Ziggy Marley has also released a number of solo albums but the Melody Makers still regularly tour together. Ziggy’s half-brother Rohan Marley is married to Lauryn Hill of the Fugees.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 20th of October 2009 and can be found by clicking HERE.