Britpop band Cast scored plenty of hits but the only compilation album of the band, for some unknown reason, fails to include some of their biggest hits.

It was as early as January 1989 that the La’s song There She Goes first entered the UK charts, peaking at a lowly number 59. The next chart entry for the band came in September 1990 when Timeless Melody hit a peak of number 57. In November of the same year There She Goes was re-released and rocketed to a high of number 13, staying on the charts for 6 weeks. The future, for the La’s, was beginning to look good. And yet, that’s not how it panned out. Despite releasing their debut album to much acclaim in 1991, their next assault on the singles chart failed to break the top 40 when Feelin’ only made it to number 43. It was the last time the La’s would hit the charts apart from a number 65 appearance for There She Goes in 1999.

The two main members of the La’s were Lee Mavers (guitar and vocals) and John Power (bass and vocals). The rest of the bands line-up seemed to change from day to day! By the end of 1991, annoyed with the lack of’direction’ of the La’s, John Power quit the band. The career of the La’s was all but over, but John Power was soon to start his own band that would become one of the best Britpop bands ever.

By the time Britpop had got underway, John Power had already established his new band Cast. They first hit the UK charts in July 1995 with the song Finetime which hit a peak of number 17. Over the next four years Cast released a total of 10 songs that all went top 20. In fact, 7 of them went top 10. An impressive run of hits by anyone’s standards and validation of sorts for John Power. The second last chart hit of Cast was Magic Hour which only hit number 28 in August 1999 and the last one was Desert Drought which only reached number 45 in July 2001.

Cast – Finetime

Fans of the band bought enough of their first three albums to send the albums to numbers 7, 3 and 6 in the album charts respectively. Disappointingly, their 4th, and last, album did not sell well at all, only making number 78 in the album charts.

Yadda, yadda, yadda; etc etc. The discography of Cast is very good, but all that is missing is a Best Of compilation album. Hold on, you might be saying, didn’t Cast release a compilation album in 2004 called The Collection? Yes, yes they did – it was a compilation album billed as a collection of singles and b-sides. A ‘Best Of’it certainly wasn’t.

The Collection album is an 18 track album, but it only finds room for five of the bands 12 hit singles – that’s less than half. Omitted from the album are the first four singles – Finetime, Alright, Sandstorm and Walkaway – which all appeared on Cast’s debut album All Change (which is arguably their finest album). Also missing from the compilation album are Guiding Star (number 9 hit in June 1997), Beat Mama (number 9 hit in May 1999) and Desert Drought (last chart hit, number 45 in July 2001).

Cast – Sandstorm

The biggest problem is that there does not exist a compilation of music from Cast that includes all their hits, and that is a disappointment for any fan of the band or, indeed, for any potential fan of the band. Not every band from the Britpop era managed to score as many chart hits as Cast did but most of them have at least been treated to a ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘Best Of’ that included all of their charts hits. But not Cast.

Cast – Walkaway

For any music lovers out there who like their guitar bands, looking in to the work of Cast is well worth it. Although purchasing The Collection album may be a good start to get in to the band, it is probably also worth locating their debut album All Change. It’s the best one can do unless a proper ‘Best Of’ the music of Cast is ever released.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 1st of April 2012 and can be found by clicking HERE.