The Beatles went on to influence many bands and artists but who were the Beatles influenced by. In the second part of a series we will look at some of the influences who made it on to the second Beatles album With The Beatles.

Following on from an article entitled Who Were The Beatles Influenced by? Please Please Me in which we looked at some of the cover versions included on the Beatles debut album, here we will look at some of the cover versions on their second album With The Beatles. The mission is to show, through the songs the Beatles covered, who the Beatles were influenced by!

Just like the album Please Please Me, With The Beatles also included six cover versions and here they are;

Shirley Jones – Till There Was You

This song, sung here by Shirley Jones, was written by Meredith Wilson for his 1957 Broadway production The Music Man. Paul McCartney was a fan and, as such, introduced the song to the Beatles and they went on to perform it live many times and included it on their second album with Paul McCartney taking lead vocals.

Marvelettes – Please Mr Postman

The Marvelettes hit number one in the US charts in 1961 with this song. The Beatles recorded it for their second album With The Beatles and the lead vocals were by John Lennon. A few years later the Carpenters would also record this song and have a hit with it.

Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven

It was as far back as 1956 that Chuck Berry released this one as a single. The Beatles performed this one in concert many times and included it on their second album, lead vocals being taken by George Harrison.

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – You Really Got A Hold On Me

The Miracles, with Smokey Robinson on lead vocals, had a top 10 hit in the US with this song in 1962. The Beatles covered this for their album With The Beatles and sung it live many times. The lead vocal on the Beatles version was by John Lennon.

Donays – Devil In His Heart

This song was written by Richard Drapkin and was first recorded by the band the Donays, although they failed to have any chart success with it. The Beatles recorded it, changing the gender, and included it on their second album with lead vocals by George Harrison.

Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)

Written by ‘Bradford/Gordy’ this song was a hit for Barrett Strong in 1959. It has been covered many times over the years! The Beatles version was included as the final song on their album With The Beatles with lead vocals by John Lennon.

Adding these ones to the list of influences leaves us with the following list. John Lennon – Arthur Alexander, Shirelles, Isley Brothers, Marvelettes, Smokey Robinson, Barrett Strong; Paul McCartney – Lenny Welch, Meredith Wilson; George Harrison – Goffin & King, Chuck Berry, Richard Drapkin.

The list of those that influenced the Beatles is growing all the more and next up is a look at the Beatles album Beatles For Sale.


P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 26th of September 2011 and can be found by clicking HERE.