Rich Kids on LSD


Nardcore, Compilation LP (Mystic Records, 1984; “US Steel”, “Lies”, “No Respect”)
It’s a Beautiful Feeling, 7″ EP (Mystic Records, 1984)
Covers, Compilation LP (Mystic Records, 1984; “Chinese Rocks”)
Mystic Super Seven Sampler No. 1, Compilation LP (Mystic Records, 1984)
Return to Slimey Valley LP, Compilation LP (Mystic Records, 1985; “Evil In You”)
Keep Laughing LP (Mystic Records, 1985)
Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare LP (Alchemy Records, 1987; re-released on CD by Epitaph Records)
Double Live in Berlin LP (Destiny Records, 1989; recorded live in Germany on 1988 tour)
Revenge is a Beautiful Feeling LP (Destiny, 1989)
Reactivate LP (Epitaph Records, 1993)
Riches to Rags LP (Epitaph Records, 1994)
Revenge is a Beautiful Feeling, CD (1999)
Keep Laughing (w/ It’s a Beautiful Feeling), Mystic Re-release, CD (2002)