Silly, 1980 — released first in West Germany
Tanzt keiner Boogie? (Isn’t Anyone Going to Boogie?), 1981 — East German version of their first album
Mont Klamott (Rubbish Mountain), 1983
Liebeswalzer (Love Waltz), 1985
Battaillon D’Amour (Battalion of Love), 1986
Februar (February), 1989
Hurensöhne (Sons of Bitches), 1993
Paradies (Paradise), 1996
Bye Bye… (The Best of Silly, Vol 1), 1996 (compilation)
P.S. (The Best of Silly, Vol 2), 1997 (compilation)
Traumteufel (Dream Devil), 1999 (compilation)
Silly + Gundermann & Seilschaft Unplugged, 1999 — Live album with Gerhard Gundermann, recorded in Potsdam in 1994
25 Jahre Silly, 2003 (DVD)
Silly – Die Original Amiga Alben (The Original Amiga Albums), 2006 — Eight-CD box set with first appearance of Silly’s debut album on CD, not available separately
Silly + Gäste (Silly and Guests), 2006 — Live CD and DVD of 2005 tour with guest singers
Alles Rot (Everything Red), 2010 – now with Anna Loos