1971: Searching (Mark Records)
1972: Get All Exited (Impact Records)
1972: TRUTH (Impact Records)
1973: There’s Something in the Air (Impact Records)
1973: Because He Lives (Impact Records)
1973: We Want to Love, We Want to Shine (Impact Records)
1974: That’s Worth Everything (Impact Records)
1974: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Live double album (Impact Records)
1975: Would You Believe (Impact Records)
1976: Songs that Answer Questions (Impact Records)
1977: Truth on the Road – Live Double Album (Impact Records)
1977: Not Just a Coincidence (Paragon Records)
1978: Now….THIS is Christmas (Paragon Records)
1978: Departure (direct-to-disc) (Paragon Records)
1979: Nothin’ But… (Paragon Records)
1979: The Bright Side (Impact Records)
1980: Changin’ Directions (Mighty Miracles Music)
1980: Get It from the Source (Paragon Records)
1980: TRUTH Live/SRO (Paragon Records)
1981: Miracles (Mighty Miracles Music)
1982: Keeper Of My Heart ((Paragon Records))
1983: Celebrate the Glory (Paragon Records)
1984: Second to None U.S. Christian #18[2] 1984: Aerobic TRUTH (Paragon Records),
1985: Yours & His…JRB (Mighty Miracle Music)
1985: Wind of the Spirit (Paragon Records)
1986: Still the Truth (Benson Records)
1987: Makin’ It Matter (Benson Records)
1988: The Mission (Benson)
1988: Now and Forever (Benson Records)
1989: Your Heart Is Where Christmas Is Found (Benson Records)
1990: Keep Believing (Benson Records)
1990: Live (Benson Records)
1990: How Great Our Joy (Benson Records)
1991: More than You’ll Ever Imagine (Benson Records)
1991: Praise (Integrity Music)
1992: Something to Hold On To (Integrity Music)
1994: Equation of Love (Integrity Music)
1995: You Are Emmanuel (Integrity Music),
1995: TRUTH Sings the Word (Integrity Music),
1996: One (Integrity Music)
1997: Truth: 25th Anniversary (Integrity Music)
1998: Never Be The Same (Pamplin Music)
1999: Not A Silent Night (Pamplin Music)
2000: It’s All About Grace (Pamplin Music)
2001: Blessed (Benson/Brentwood Music)
2011: The 40th Anniversary Collection (TRUTH Music)