Is it possible to link from the Beatles to any other band or artist in the world in only five steps? There is only one way to find out. This one links from the Beatles to Gallagher And Lyle in five simple steps.

1. Beatles – Come Together

In 1969 the Beatles released the double A-Side of Something and Come Together, taking it to a peak of number 4 in the UK charts. Come Together was a song that would get John Lennon in to trouble!

2. John Lennon – You Can’t Catch Me

In the mid 1970’s John Lennon released the album Rock N Roll, an album of cover versions that was the result of a lawsuit against him for copyright infringement of this song here on the Beatles track Come Together. This song was originally by Chuck Berry.

3. Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen

A number 16 hit for Chuck Berry in the UK charts in April 1958, Sweet Little Sixteen was his second chart appearance. A few years later the Beach Boys released Surfin’ USA and were soon having to give some of its royalties to Chuck Berry as the song was the same as this one!

4. Beach Boys – Breakaway

This Beach Boys song was the last hit of the 1960’s in the UK for the band, reaching a peak of number 6 in June 1969. It shares its title with the following song.

5. Gallagher And Lyle – Breakaway

This Gallagher And Lyle penned song, which was also recorded by Art Garfunkel, was their third UK chart hit and reached a peak of number 35 in September 1976.