Is it possible to link from the Beatles to any other band or artist in the world in only five steps? There is only one way to find out. This one links from the Beatles to Honky in five simple steps.

1. The Beatles – Twist And Shout

The Beatles often covered this Phil Medley and Bert Berns written song at the end of their concerts. The Beatles also included it as the last song on their debut album Please Please Me. The first song on that album was I Saw Her Standing, which later became a chart hit for Tiffany.

2. Tiffany – I Saw Him Standing There

This Tiffany rendition of the Beatles classic became her third and last top 10 hit in the UK charts, reaching a peak of number 8 in June 1988. Best known for her debut hit I Think We’re Alone Now (number one in the UK and the US) which was later covered by Girls Aloud.

3. Girls Aloud – I Think We’re Alone Now

Girls Aloud released this cover of the classic Tiffany track in late 2006, taking it to a peak of number 4 in the UK charts. The next single that Girls Aloud charted with was a collaboration with the Sugababes on a cover version of the following song.

4. Aerosmith – Walk This Way

It says much about the music world when the Girls Aloud/Sugababes version of this song gets to number one but the original doesn’t! This of course is Run DMC featuring Aerosmith and came about after someone heard the rap band freestyle rapping over an old Aerosmith track. Anyroads, there are plenty of songs that Aerosmith have covered, and plenty of their songs that others have covered – like the following song.

5. Honky – Adam’s Apple

The Honky cover version of the Aerosmith song Adam’s Apple can be found on the album Right in the Nuts: A Tribute to Aerosmith.