Is it possible to link from the Beatles to any other band or artist in the world in only five steps? There is only one way to find out. This one links from the Beatles to Kerry Norton in five simple steps.

1. Beatles – That’s All Right Mama

Written by and originally performed by Arthur Crudup, the Beatles recorded their version of the song in the early 1960’s for the BBC and it is available on their Live At The BBC Album. It has also been recorded by Elvis.

2. Elvis Presley – That’s All Right Mama

Arguably the song that started it all for Elvis Presley. His version of the Arthur Crudup penned song was recorded in the 1950’s but it didn’t become a hit until it was available for download in 2004 when it reached number 3 in the UK charts.

3. Cliff Richard – Living Doll

Cliff Richard was sometimes, in the early days, known as the British answer to Elvis! Anyway, this song here was his first number one in the UK, reaching the top spot in July 1959. Anyway, next up is a random Cliff Richard cover!

4. Everly Brothers – It’s All Over

This Everly Brothers song, later covered by Cliff Richard, can be found on their album The Definitive Early Brothers. Moving on now, there are a number of songs that Everly Brothers have covered, and plenty of their songs that have been covered – like the following song.

5. Kerry Norton – Love Hurts

(No video on YouTube!)

The Kerry Norton cover version of the Everly Brothers song Love Hurts can be found on the 2005 album Young Heart.