Nothing more nothing less, here are 10 songs with American in the title. Hope you enjoy.

1. All American Boy – Bill Parsons

US singer Bill Parsons scored his one and only UK hit with this song when it reached a peak of number 22 in 1959.

2. All American Girls – Sister Sledge

This one was one of only two songs from Sister Sledge that failed to break in to the top 40 in the UK charts, peaking at number 41 in February 1981.

3, American Life – Madonna

Three years after scoring a number one in the UK with her version of the Don McLean song American Pie, Madonna managed to score a number 2 hit with this song!

4, American TV – Terrorvision

This was the UK chart debut for Terrovision, reaching a peak of a lowly number 63 in June 1993.

5. American Bad Ass – Kid Rock

Kid Rock may have had a decent chart career in the UK but it could be said to be somewhat sparse. This one here was his second hit and reached a peak of number 25 in September 2000.

6. American Dream – Jakatta

This song shares a title with different songs from both Crosby Stills Nash & Young and Power Of Dreams. But as far as the UK charts are concerned this one blew the rest out of the water, reaching the number three spot in 2001.

7. The American – Simple Minds

This song was the second chart entry for Simple Minds in the UK charts, reaching a lowly peak of number 59 in May 1981.

8. American Trilogy – Mickey Newbury

A number 8 hit for Elvis Presley in 1972, Mickey Newbury took his version to a peak of number 42 in the UK charts the same year.

9. American Girl – Tom Petty

As featured in the classic film Silence Of The Lambs in 1991, American Girl by Tom Petty reached a peak of number 40 in the UK charts when it was released in 1977.

10. American English – Idlewild

Taking their name from the original airport name of JFK, Idlewild scored a number 15 hit in the UK charts with this song in July 2002.