Having already done 10 Random Songs, I always meant to get round to doing a follow up, but it has taken me so long to do so. Here it is, 10 more random songs.

It’s been just over a year since 10 Random Songs and I did always mean to do a follow up and here it is. 10 more random songs. The last one was a bit too ‘dance’ for some peoples tastes so this time we will ‘rock’ it up a bit more – or maybe not!

1. Kingmaker – Ten Years Asleep

Were Kingmaker too early, just, to be Britpop or were they just not good enough? Whatever, random song from a random band. It hit a peak of number 15 in the UK charts in May 1993!

2. Brian May – Driven By You

Is this random enough for you? I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Ford cars – not that it would make me want to buy one and it certainly didn’t when it was out as I was too young to drive then. It hit a peak of number 6 in the UK charts in December 1991.

3. Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild

Random US rock that still sounds as good today as it did when it first came out. Originally it hit a peak of number 42 in the UK charts in November 1989 but managed to peak at number 22 when re-released in 1992!

4. Public Image Limited – Don’t Ask Me

By this stage you may be asking what’s it all about! Well don’t ask me cause I don’t know. Johnny Rotten after his Sex Pistols days formed Public Image Limited. This was one of their later hits and reached a peak of number 22 in the UK charts in October 1990.

5. Dinosaur Jr – Feel The Pain

Randomly, the first time I heard this song was on a free tape given away with the NME. It hit a peak of number 25 in the UK charts in August 1994. On the subject of free tapes!

6. Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet

Random song from a random band that should have made it but didn’t make the breakthrough. First time I heard it was on a free tape given away with Q! Blew my mind away and still does.

7. Blind Melon – 3 Is A Magic Number

Could it get any more random than this. Great song for teaching children the 3 times table – and yet it still has quite an allure to it!

8. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Happy

Does this qualify as random just because of the bands name? Indeed! This was their biggest hit and reached a peak of number 16 in March 1991.

9. Four Tops – It’s The Same Old Song

Bet you didn’t see that one coming – hope it’s random enough for you – the Four Tops hit number 34 in the UK in September 1965 with this number. But enough of living in the past!

10. Jethro Tull – Living In The Past

Biggest hit that Jethro Tull ever had in the UK was this one here, reaching a peak of number 3 as far back as May 1969.

So there you have it, 10 more random songs, but if this didn’t quite tickle your random fancy then why not check out the first one – 10 Random Songs – and see if that is randomly better for you.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 30th of April 2011 and can be found by clicking HERE.