Here we will take a look at 10 songs with grey in the title. Hope you enjoy.

1. Madness – Grey Day

This was just one of many top 10 hits that Madness enjoyed in the UK charts. It was their 8th single and reached a peak of number 4 in April 1981.

2. Visage – Fade To Grey

This was the debut release from Visage and crashed in to the UK top ten in December 1980 when it reached a peak of number 8. A few follow up singles did go top 20, but within two years the chart career of Visage was over.

3. AFI – Girl’s Not Grey

This was the debut chart appearance for AFI in the UK charts and peaked at number 22 in June 2003. Follow up single The Leaving Song Part 2 only made it to number 43 later on that year. Their only other chart appearance in the UK was in the Summer of 2006 with the number 44 hit Miss Murder.

4. New Model Army – Green And Grey

Yep this one could also be included in a list of songs with green in the title. This song managed to hit a peak of number 37 in the UK charts in the Summer of 1989.

5. The Cure – All Cats Are Grey

This song by the Cure is the fourth track on their third studio album Faith which was released in 1981. It is not the only time they have mentioned cats in one of their song titles – one of their most famous songs is Love Cats!

6. Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey

This Grateful Dead song is by far their biggest hit and arguably their best known song. Although it didn’t chart in the UK (no Grateful Dead song ever has) it did go top 10 in the US.

7. Vertical Horizon – Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)

The one and only chart hit that Vertical Horizon have had in the UK was the August 2000 number 42 hit Everything You Want. It did better in the US though, reaching the number one spot. This song was an album track on the album called Everything You Want.

8. Yellowcard – Grey

This song appeared on the Yellowcard album Lights & Sounds. The band Yellowcard did have three minor chart hits in the UK from 2004 to 2006, but they only reached numbers 63, 65 and 59!

9. Ying Yang Twins – Grey Goose

Although the Ying Yang Twins never released this song as a single they have had a couple of minor chart hits in the UK without ever breaking in to the top 40.

10. George Harrison – Grey Cloudy Lies

This George Harrison song appeared on his 1975 album Extra Texture.


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