Here we will take a look at 10 songs with London in the title. Hope you enjoy.

1. The Clash – London Calling

Apart from the surprise number one hit Should I Stay Or Should I Go in 1991, the biggest UK chart hit the Clash had was with London Calling in 1979. It hit a peak of number 11!

2. Electric Light Orchestra – Last Train To London

Electric Light Orchestra scored quite a number of top 10 hits in the UK charts and this was one of them. It was released as a double A-side with Confusion in the Winter of 1979 and reached a peak of number 8!

3. London Boys – London Nights

Europop at its finest. This song was the biggest chart hit from the London Boys, reaching number 2 in the UK charts in the Summer of 1989. The two members of the London Boys died in an accident in the early 1990’s and the value of their original work rocketed.

4. Bucks Fizz – London Town

Most of the early releases from Bucks Fizz broke in to the top 10 in the UK charts but this one, which was their 10th single, only reached a peak of number 34 in October 1983.

5. ABC – Tower Of London

This ABC song featured as an album track on their third studio album called How To Be A… Zillionaire, released in early 1985.

6. Mr Lee – Pump Up London

US producer MR Lee released this song in August 1988 and it somehow reached a peak of number 64 in the UK charts. Follow up single Get Busy only reached number 71 but managed to sneak up to 41 on re-release.

7. Elvis Costello – London’s Brilliant Parade

Not the biggest hit that Elvis Costello and the Attractions ever had – in fact, it failed to make the top 40. Released in the Winter of 1994 this song scraped to a peak of only number 48 in the UK charts.

8. Collapsed Lung – London Tonight

Most football fans will probably remember the Collapsed Lung song Eat My Goal, which hit a peak of number 18 in the UK charts in May 1998. Two years previous they released it as a double A-Side with the song London Tonight, hitting a peak of number 31.

9. Fergie – London Bridge

Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie launched her solo career in the UK with this song. It reached a peak of number 3 in the UK in September 2006 and even managed to reach number one in the US!

10. T Rex – London Boys

T Rex released this track in the Spring of 1976 and it managed to hit the UK top 40 just.


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