Here we will take a look at 10 songs with orange in the title. Hope you enjoy.

1. REM – Orange Crush

This was the first top 40 hit for REM in the UK charts, reaching a peak of number 28 in June 1989.

2. Spotniks – Orange Blossom Special

The Spotniks were a Swedish insrtumental group. Orange Blossom Special was their debut hit and reached a peak of number 29 in the UK charts in June 1962.

3. Cygnus X – The Orange Theme

Sometimes such music does well on the charts and other times it doesn’t. This one from German producer Cygnus X only made it to number 43 in the UK charts in March 2000!

4. Gwen Stefani – Orange County Girl

Ex lead singer of No Doubt launched her solo single in 2004 with the hit What You Waiting For (although she was a guest vocalist on the August 2001 hit Let Me Blow Ya Mind by Eve). Orange County Girl was featured on the album The Sweet Escape and the song was produced by the Neptunes.

5. Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Skies

This song has been recorded by many an artist over the years but it is the Nat King Cole version, first recorded in 1950, that remains the best known.

6. Chemical Brothers – Orange Wedge

This song appeared on the Chemical Brothers album Surrender.

7. Love – Orange Skies

This song appears on the Greatest Hits of Love, despite not having been a hit!

8. Sonic Youth – Orange Rolls, Angel’s Spit

This song appeared on the 1992 Sonic Youth album Dirty!

9. Frank Zappa – Orange County Lumber Truck

An awesome version of this Frank Zappa song appeared on the 1970 Weasels Ripped My Flesh album. The song was recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall in London in 1968.

10. Tori Amos – The Power Of Orange Knickers

This song featured on the 2005 Tori Amos album The Beekeeper and features Damien Rice.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 5th of March 2012 and can be found by clicking HERE.