Here we will take a look at the 10 Beatles songs that have a number in there title. A couple of rare songs and not famous ones included.

12 Bar Original

One of the few songs to be accredited to all four Beatles. Despite being recorded at the end of 1965, this song never became commercially available until 1996 when it was included on the Anthology 2 album. Although it should be noted that the version on that album was an edited version of take 2 that originally ran to 6 and a half minutes.

Eight Days A Week

The song title is said to come from another one of Ringo’s famous malapropisms (another being ‘hard days night’) it was recorded in 1964 and released on the album Beatles For Sale. The song raced to the top of the Billboard charts in the US.

One After 909

This song appeared on the Beatles 1970 album Let It Be although it had been written many years before. It first turned up as a Beatles song in 1963, when the band tried many different versions. It was originally attempted at the same recording time as From Me To You. The song wasn’t considered for use on the then album and was left until 1970.

One and One is Two

This song was released by Mike Shannon and the Strangers in 1964. Written by Paul McCartney and demoed by the Beatles. As you can hear, it really was no surprise that they never bothered including it on any of their albums. Not the best song!

Revolution 1

This was the one that appeared on the White Album, a slower number than the version that was released alongside Hey Jude. Cause all kinds of trouble due to the ‘count me in/out’. Still a tune, same can’t be said for the other version out there (see below).

Revolution 9

Is there really any words to describe this, other than to say – number 9, number 9!

Sweet Little Sixteen

Chuck Berry wrote this song in 1958. A few years later the Beach Boys took the music, changed the words and released it as Surfin USA – no one was fooled and Berry got a writing credit. The Beatles version of Sweet Little Sixteen appeared on their Live at the BBC album (released in the 1990’s).

Three Cool Cats

Written by Leiber and Stoller (who famously wrote for Elvis Presley), ‘Three Cool Cats’ was sung by the Coasters in 1958. The Beatles often performed this song at concerts so it was no surprise they decided to play it at their audition for Decca on New Years day, 1962. It appeared on the Beatles Anthology 1 album.

Two Of Us

This song appeared on the album Let It Be. It was written mainly by Paul McCartney (although, in later years John Lennon claimed that he wrote it himself). A different (and earlier) version appeared on the Beatles album, Anthology 3. John Lennon once had wanted to give this song to Stevie Wonder to perform.

When I’m Sixty-Four

Written by Paul McCartney, ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ appeared on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song was destined to be a B-Side to either Strawberry Fields Forever of Penny Lane but it was instead decided to release the two latter songs as a double-A side, so ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ wasn’t released as a single.

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