In the UK, the coveted Christmas number one spot on the music charts is the place where everyone strives to be at that time of year, but only one ever makes it. Here we will take a look at the ten most odd Christmas number ones.

1. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

Originally released in the early 1990’s, this song hit the Christmas number one spot in the UK charts in 2009 as a protest against the X Factor. Someone started a Facebook page to get this song to number one instead of the X Factor winner song – it worked!

2. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)

What has this song got to do with Christmas? Nothing much apart from the fact it was the Christmas number one in the UK in 1979. This was the only number one hit in the UK that Pink Floyd had.

3. Bob The Builder – Can We Fix It

Christmas is all about the kids – or something like that. And in the year 2000 enough kids pestered their parents enough to buy this song to take it to number one in the UK charts and at Christmas no less!

4. Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby

The first non human to make it to number one in the UK – for what that is worth – enough people bought this nonsensical nonsense to make it the Christmas number one in the UK in 1993. I blame Noel Edmonds.

5. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Which song has been number one at Christmas time not once but twice in the UK. Yep, Bohemian Rhapsody – Christmas number one in 1975 and again in 1991. And not a mention of Christmas in it at all.

6. Scaffold – Lilly The Pink

All the way back to the Christmas number one of 1968 for this song here by Scaffold, who included Paul McCartney’s brother and Roger McGough. It should be noted that Christmas songs did seem to pass the 1960’sby; they were popular enough in the 1950’s and in the 70’s and beyond but not in the 60’s!

7. Benny Hill – Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)

Comedian Benny Hill had something of an unexpected hit with this one – no one could have predicted how high it would get in the chart. It was the Christmas number one in 1971.

8. Human League – Don’t You Want Me

Perhaps the music buying public just don’t want to see Christmas type songs reach the Christmas number one spot. Like this one for example – nothing to do with Christmas but a Christmas number one nonetheless (in 1981).

9. Michael Jackson – Earth Song

A haunting song for sure but is this the kind of thing that is needed at Christmas. This Michael Jackson song managed to be the Christmas number one in 1995.

10. Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite

This song first hit the charts in 1957 and finally made it to the number one spot just in time for Christmas in 1986 – yep 29 years!


P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond on the 1st of December 2010 and can be found by clicking HERE.