Most Beatles fans would think that the release of the Anthology albums left the world with no new Beatles recordings left to be released. However there are a number of songs recorded by the band that up until now have never been released to the general public. Here we will take a look through the songs by the Beatles that have yet to find there way onto a release.

A Picture Of You: A song sung by George Harrison on the BBC radio programme Here We Go in 1962. Originally by Joe Brown, the Beatles play it with Pete Best on drums.

Anything: 22 different instruments were used in this song which had no lyrics. Recorded in 1967.

Bad To Me: A hit for Billy J Kramer, but written by Lennon & McCartney in 1963. Only the demo of the song exists and only features John and Paul.

Billy’s Song: A song recorded at the start of the Get Back sessions in 1969. Billy Preston, brought in to help the Beatles with piano/organ, played on this song.

Bye Bye Love: Originally a song by the Everly Brothers, John and Paul recorded their version in 1969.

Carnival Of Light: Recorded in 1967, this song was originally used at a festival in London’s Chalk Farm. McCartney wanted it on the Anthology albums, Harrison didn’t and it never appeared on any of them.

Cat Walk: The Chris Barber Band recorded this song (re-titled, Cat Call) in 1967. The Beatles played and recorded this instrumental at the Cavern in 1962.

Child Of Nature: Written in India by John Lennon in 1968, a change of lyrics a few years later found the song becoming Jealous Guy (a John Lennon solo song). A recording of the original does exist.

Commonwealth: A satirical song about immigrants, composed by McCartney written in 1969.

Dig It: A very small part of this song did appear on the Let It Be album but the original recording of this song in 1962 actually ran to an impressive 12 minutes.

Etcetera: Written in 1968 during the White Album sessions by Paul McCartney. He let Marianne Faithful hear the demo to see if she wanted to record it, she didn’t and the song has never seen the light of day yet.

Goodbye: A demo exists of this song written for Mary Hopkins by Paul McCartney.

Heather: A song written by Paul McCartney in India in 1968. He got Donovan to play on the demo.

I Lost My Little Girl: A 1969 version of John Lennon taking the lead vocal on the first song McCartney ever wrote.

I’m In Love: A Lennon version of this song was released in 1979 but the original Beatles demo from 1963 was given to the Fourmost who never used it.

Love Of The Loved: A song written by Paul McCartney when he was a teenager, the Beatles recorded this for their Decca audition in 1962, Was a hit for Cilla Black the following year.

Madman Coming: Several versions of this song are known to be in existence. Recorded during the Get Back sessions.

One And One Is Two: Another song the Beatles wrote to give to someone else McCartney intended this demo for Billy J Kramer who turned it down, became a hit for Mike Shannon.

Save The Last Dance For Me: Recorded in 1969 for the Let It Be album but never made the final cut.

Some Days: From 1960, this original Quarry Men home demo of a song by McCartney is known to still exist.

Sour Milk Sea:A hit for Jackie Lomax. Originally written by George Harrison in 1968 and demoed by the Beatles the same year.

Summertime: A Hamburg recording of the Beatles in 1960. Also featured Lu Walters from the Hurricanes.

Suzy’s Parlour: A song written by Lennon recorded at the Let It Be sessions.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport: Recorded on a BBC radio show, Rolf Harris had the Beatles as his backing song on his famous song.

Wake Up In The Morning: This song was only re-discovered a few years ago. Originally recorded in 1969 during the Get Back sessions.

P.S. This article was originally published by the same author on Triond  on the 12th of January 2009 and can be found by clicking HERE.